Game TurnEdit

The game turn consists of:

  1. Keep resource generation
  2. Unit selection/moving
  3. Front Row
  4. Back Row
  5. Result

Keep Resource GenerationEdit

Depending on the type of Keep selected for the army this will the influence the Resources and Recruit amount you will get as a base amount (will not be influenced by Wound or Steal) at the start of your turn. Any Resources not used at this stage are then lost and not carried over to the next turn

Unit Selection/MovingEdit

This section of the turn is when units are either disbanded, hired or moved around. Units can be moved between rows and up or down the row it's currently in. This occurs on both sides of the current game.

Row TriggeringEdit

This is the main stage of the turn where both front rows will go through the units from top to bottom and will use their attribute towards the result.

Once both front rows have triggered it will then activate the back rows and will go from top to bottom activating the units.

Any Resources generated during this stage are passed onto the next turn.


The result is a comparison of the attack accumulated on each side. The victor will be decide based of the number and can either result in:

  • Deadlock - The two attack values are equal
  • Victory - This will then remove one hitpoint per 4 attack points
  • Day of peace - This occurs if no attacking units are in the Front row